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. >> reporter: another neighbor said the holmes family was nice and outstanding. >> breaks my heart. >> reporter: holmes left san diego after high school attending the university of california in river side about 90 miles north o the city. the university confirms he graduated with a neuroscience degree in 2010. holmes' mother arlene still lives in the home. holmes father robert left the home escorted by police. >> as you can understand, the holmes family is very upset about all of this. it's a tragic event and it's taken everyone by surprise. >> that was christine haas from san diego. the hours and days to come, we will be discovering a lot more about james holmes. he went to colorado and was in the process of dropping out of the neuroscience department at the university of colorado in which he enrolled in june of last year. the university would not say if any particular event led to his withdrawal. police say he bought the four weapons legally in the past three months. those weapons were used in this shooting in aurora. >> we tracked down holmes' uncle in caramel. kimber kimberly? >> reporter:
visit. >>> james holmes, the man suspected in that mass shooting in colorado, has been appointed a defense attorney. the 24-year-old is being held in a segregated cell without bond on suspicion of first degree murder in colorado. his first court date is scheduled for monday. meanwhile, the university of colorado says holmes has received federal grant money to study neuroscience. school leaders say he enrolled in the program last year but would not say why he was withdrawing. >>> holmes grew up in san diego, but spent part of his childhood in selinas. the family lived here for a few years around 1988. neighbors remember james as a quiet, nice boy who swam and played basketball with the other kids. >> he was a lot sweeter than a lot of the kids who wouldn't stop running at the pool. he played with a lot of the neighbor kids. a cute little sister. they were a simple family. >> she was a lifeguard at the pool and says she feels sorry for the family and for all of the victims of the tragedy. >>> as police and agents continue their investigation in colorado, we are beginning to learn m
behind me. bullet casings were on my forehead. >> the suspect, james holmes was arrested. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> according to one official, holmes told investigators he was the joker, a super villain in the batman movie. he looked like a deranged individual. he had his hair painted red. >> holmes told police his apartment was booby trapped. s.w.a.t. teams found flammable materials inside of the home. we're learning more about the ald gunman. abc news confirmed he purchased guns legally in the last few months and has a degree in neuroscience. >> and abc 7 news is in colorado to cover the tragedy in aurora. we'll hear from her live on abc 7 news at 5:00 and she'll tweet updates. >> and we know the name of one of the victims of the massacre. aspiring sportscaster went professionally by jessica redfield, an intern in a denver radio station. we'll have the heart breaking way the world found out about her death today. >> we're learning more about the gunman. he grew up in san diego and graduated with honors in uc riverside. >> he was in the process of
shooting but they are confident the gunman acted alone. >> reporter: james holmes was arrested peacefully. >> police officers found thegonman in the back -- the gunman in the back of the theater. >> reporter: he was carrying a one ar-15, a remington 870 shotgun and two 40-caliber glock handguns. >> wearing the full armor. arm pads and leg pads. >> a helmet, a vest, tactical. places to put all kinds of gear and clips and it was bullet proof. >> reporter: police got a surprise. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. >> reporter: in fact, some of the people in the theater believed he was part of the show. >> it was during a shoot out scene. >> reporter: he bought a ticket, left through an emergency door and properred itope -- propped it open and came back and opened fire. >> no one could see anything. >> i was terrified. i dove into the aisle and he started shooting people behind me. >> there was this one guy on all four crawling, there was a girl spitting up blood. >> i just got out and there was a moment where my daughter tripped tripped and i was dragging her. >> report
on the largest mass shooting in american history. alleged gunman james eagan holmes is due in court this morning. >> jeff is at the scene of the shooting in aurora, colorado. good morning to you, jeff. >> reporter: good morning to you and our viewers across the west. we watched a vigil last night, an extraordinary outpouring of support here in aurora. this as the president reminded the nation about the resolve of the human spirit. >> even in the darkest of days, you know, life continues, and people are strong and people bounce back and people are resilient. >> reporter: the president arrived here sunday afternoon, first meeting privately with families of those who died and those injured. and he shared a heroing tale of heroism. stephanie davies and ally young were there when the gunman threw a gas canister inside the theater. ally immediately stood up. >> she was shot in the neck and a punctured vein and immediately she started spurting blood. stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where ally had be
massacre made his first court appearance today. james holmes had orange red hair and remained silent as some of the injured victims and their families looked on. joins us live where one of the victims told her holmes deserves no mercy. >> that's right, heather and it was an emotionless james holmes who walked into the courtroom in shackles. he looked dazed at times and really out of it. this is the first step in a series of. >> was shot in the chin. she was among the victims when james holmes made his first court appearance. >> his hair was all orange because he's some freak. >> she thinks he deserves the death penalty. holmes appeared dazed as he listened to the judge. jordan gally who lost his sister jessica skipped the hearing because he was afraid he might lash out at the suspect. >> i don't want to look at the eyes of the man that took away my sister and 11 other lives. >> reporter: he has reportedly not been cooperating with police. prosecutors stopped short of calling it a slam dunk case. >> the investigation doesn't stop. it will continue up through trial. >> reporter: an att
. holmes was apprehended outside, in a white hyundai in the back of the theater. >>> good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for most of us it's unfathomable. a man armed to the teeth looking to do damage. amber lee is live in san jose to show us the mood at bay area theaters that are showing the dark knight rises. but our coverage begins with the movie that did not go as scripted. >> reporter: this graphic illustrates what some folks said as the smoke spread and they saw a silhouette on the screen of the gunman. at first they thought it was a part of the movie. then reality hit with the movies. >> we thought it was part of the movie, there was a shoot out scene. >> there was this one guy who was on all fours crawling. there was this girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. >> the first thing we see is a 14 or 15-year-old girl with bullets in her chest and her head, she was about to die there. >> reporter: her injured daughter has been releaseed from the hospital. >> people were running away. i hit the ground so i wou
>> reporter: the gunman identified by investigators, 24-year-old james holmes fired into the air and then he fired his weapon into the crowd. >> there's gunshots and there's women and children screaming and it was really terrifying. >> reporter: when the chaos and killing ended, at least 12 people were dead, 59 injured. >> most of the injuries were gunshot wounds and they appeared to be certainly high caliber. >> reporter: police say holmes was armed with an assault rifle shotgun, he was found at the rear of the theater and apparently gave up without a fight. telling investigators that his apartment was booby-trapped. as the investigation continues, holmes' family in san diego has released a written statement which says in part, our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and to the family and friends of those involved. the faces of those lost in the shooting are now coming to light. people like jessica ghawi, an aspiring sportscaster, who had recently moved from san antonio to denver. so many struggling, like investigators here to understand how and why it happe
a visibles dentro y fuera de los cines, y poner más atención en la película de batman, ya que james holmes abrió fuego en dicha película en colorado . >> siempre hay una preocupación sobre el imitador, que quiere hacer lo mismo, así que pondremos atencio . >> todo el mundo tiene miedo, con la situación que ocurre,actos de violencia pueden confundir a la comunidad . >> si tu dejas a la persona que ves todos los días, sin un brazo o que lo mataron, tu dices, cuando me toca a mi?. >> en montgomerry, aumentaron la vigilancia, de washington, . >> el sospechoso de la masacre vivio en salinas california . >> los padres de james holmes lamentan lo ocurrido, y piden respeto . >> vecinos de la familia holmes lamentan lo ocurrido, sobre todo a una familia tan buena . >> la vocera de la policía de san diego confirmo que era el padre de james holmes, toda la familia holmes, excepto el padre estaban en su casa, su corazón están con las familias de los afectados en la tragedia . >> vecinos se preguntaban, que paso?. >> Él era un niño bueno, que crecio en tranquilidad. >> ante esta tragedia, el
's father skipped going to the hospital this morning to attend a court hearing of james holmes. >> i feel like i make sure that justice is taken with this man. and this support everybody that has been through this. >> david sanchez says he wants holmes to face the death penalty. several of those who died are being remembered for sacrificing to save their friends. the victims honored in the u.s. senate with a moment of sil skbrens a tribute from minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> now, boy like to honor the victims by reciting their names. veronica moser-sullivan. board on... >> the president visited families and victims yesterday. you'll find more on the victims on our web site. >> and an attorney spoke out on behalf of james holmes parents clarifying the statement his mother may have told a reporter. those words made it sound like she knew her son was the shooter. his parents are standing by their son but say they're hearts go out to the victims and families. his mother, arlene claims she didn't know her son was a suspect until a news reporter called and woke her up just before 6:00 a.m.
. police believe 24-year-old james holms calmly watched the movie along with everybody else. then got up and used the cell phone. went outside to get his weapons and gear up with bullet proof vest. ballistic helmet. gas mask and gear covering his throat legs and tactical glove gloves. holms went back inside to the front of the theater and rurld 2 green cap sisters. >> then i saw plumes of smoke. >> then he shot up in the air and everybody started to to pap ick at that point. he came down with the gun in my face 3 feet away from me at that poin point. i was terrified so i just jumped forward that the aisle and kind of buried myself in there and tried to just hide myself. ended up shooting behind me. at that moment i remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in hereism it was just chaos. >>reporter: marched up and down the aisle using arsenal. shotgun block pistols and only stopped to reload. minutes later police captured him in the parking lot. but still not over. police using robot trying to get in the suspect apartment. he warned of
:00 on the west. our first look at the movie theater massacre suspect since his arrest. james holmes facing a colorado judge this hour. live cameras in the courtroom. >>> penn state football escapes the so-called death penalty, but the punishment just handed down by the ncaa may be even worse. >>> and drew peterson goes on trial for the murder of his third wife while the disappearance of wife number four is still an open case. >>> we begin with a death penalty for penn state football, well, not so much, but this is definitely going to hurt. just this morning, the university got slapped with a massive penalty that will last for years to come. among the most brutal, a $60 million fine. a four-year post-season ban and a forfeit of all football wins since 1998. you know what that means? joe paterno loses his title as winningest coach in major college football history. all of this in the wake of that child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. rumors of the massive fine trickled out on sunday, the same time paterno's iconic statue on campus was wrapped in pl
in the same complex as holmes could be allowed to return tomorrow. jay gray, nbc news, aurora, colorado. >>> two girls from the bay area were inside the colorado movie theater when the shooting happened and one of their friends was hit. kimberly terry spoke with them and has more on their terrifying experience. they really are traumatized, kim. >> reporter: absolutely. they're still in aurora, choosing to stay there for a convention, december pit this whole shooting. they say it helps to be around friends who have the same experience and also to be there for their friend as he recovers. here's more on what happened in their words. >> they were packing the theaters tight, which i remember thinking this is insane. if there's a fire, we're not going to be able to get out. >> reporter: the two were sitting with ten other friends close to the wall separating their theater from the one the shooter opened fire in. it was about 20 minutes into the movie when -- >> we heard kind of a hissing sound and then there was kind of a boom and smoke. there was like a whole bunch of popping sounds and all
detonated them in an undisclosed location. holmes is now in solitary confinement and set for an initial hearing on monday and appointed a public defender. meanwhile, the coroner's office released the names of all 12 victims who died in the shooting early friday mning and even with the suspect this custody, state, local and law enforcement officers are dealing with another threat from the alleged shooter. let's go to the abc 7 news reporter at the theater in colorado. >> yes, alan, exactly where i was yesterday only the the scene here is a different today. only because the mall area is now open. you have shoppers coming and going, but you see the century 16 theater behind me, that's blocked off by police again, after that horrific shooting where police say suspect james holmes shot and killed 12 people and injured more than 50 more. but as you mentioned, police are here and they're also at his apartment trying to make sure there are no massive explosions. >> first, there was a warning. then a controlled explosion came from inside james holmes' apartment. the man accused of
, but we are learning more about the suspect. police say james holmes had taken months to prepare his killing spree. >> we've become aware that our suspect over the last four months had a high volume of delive deliveries, commercial deliveries of packages to both his work and home address. >> reporter: those deliveries is how police believe he got so much ammunition and allegedly set his apartment with so many booby traps. >> it brings another element to what was experienced at the theater. >> reporter: local, state, and federal agencies attempting to not only enter but to save as much evidence as possible not to be blown to pieces. >> we're cautious about how we deal with things and take things out and make sure they're handled in the best manner for our investigation. >> reporter: aurora police kept surrounding apartment buildings empty and closed off nearby streets just before they detonated what the they believe was an incendiary device and it happened like this. luckily no fire. no other explosion. >> the threat has not been completely eliminated. it has been significant reduced.
believed to be behind the carnage will make his first appearance in court today. james holmes will likely face first degree murder charges. police say holmes spent months planning out his alleged rampage. gathering his arsenal, executing his plan and pulling the trigger with "calculation and deliberation." his court appearance will come just a few hours before his family is expected to break their silence, as well. let's get straight to don lemon who is just outside the courthouse where holmes will face a judge in half an hour. don, the first look at holmes since his arrest. >> it certainly will be. you know, it's even covering this story for days now, kyra. just hard to believe as you were reading about the suspect and what happened, yeah, the first time we'll get to see him. he has that red hair, as police say that he had when he was arrested. this is where he is now. they believe that is the arapahoe county detention center. he's going to be moved from this arapahoe detention center there is an underground tunnel and be brought right over here to the right to the arapahoe county courth
una nación para dejarles saber que estamos pensando en ellos. >james holmes llego como si fuera parte del film irrupiendo en una sala de cine y comenzar a disparr >>uno no se explica como la mente escapa y comete locuras de estas naturaleza >>muchos colocaron pancartas diciendo qque las víctimas no serían olvidadas >>james holmes trató de ingresar a un el club de armas, pero nunca recibió la membresia. >>la máquina contestadora de holmes tenia un mensaje bizarro gutural y espeluzante. >>después de la grabacion el hombre ordenó no permitir la entrada del sujeto >>y se sabe que muchas víctimas eran de diferentes estados del país alban zamora nos cuenta de un joven que estaba celebrando su cumpleaños >>sucedio a miles de kilómetro de texas, pero el dolor lo han sentido mucho >>rebeca wingo partio para enlistarse en la fuerza aérea, trabajo como traductora y dio a luz a dos niñas >>su mejor amigo la recuerda leyendo su públicacion en facebook >>ella estaba emocionada su hija menor había entrado a la escuela, eso la llenaba de orgullo >>era un joven ejemplar, bastante talent
>>> the congregation prayed for the accused gunman. >>> james holmes as a mother and father and they carry a big burden we forget him to >>> across from the crime scene this man from illinois placed 12 crosses one for each victim he did this and after the 1999 columbine shootings >>> >>> all around are people selling church is turning to prayer to make sense of a massacre the suspected gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how holmes got the materials and in his apartment. >>> were building a case to show this was deliberate and processed by an intelligent man who want to do this >>> president obama arrived this afternoon he meets privately with the victims' families the suspect expected to make his first court appearance monday morning. law enforcement has revealed inside the suspect's apartment s.i. batman poster they found a batman mask and investigators have confiscated computer hard drive. >>> what you know about homes trying to join a shooting range >>> last month he tried to join a shooting range nearby in colorado and ya have to thoug
expected in court will nancy james holmes in tomorrow's arraignment syrian tanks and artillery pound rebel-held neighborhoods the u.s. secretary of defence said it could be the end of president asides regime. roller-coaster riders got more excitement as they bargained for the new superman roller- coastered got stuck at its high point at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp has more. >>> imagine how scary this was 12 people and to small cars on a narrow track 150 ft. ups stop dead still. trying to move the car by leaning forward and backward and trying to come down. more thrills than they bargained for. passengers were stuck for about an hour-and-a-half and the hot sun they were stuck in the upright position. at the suggestion of workers they tried to rock and jarred the coaster car free as mechanics worked on the wheels firefighters delivered water. the ride inaugurated a month ago is ranked among the tallest rides in the world this video on the six flags web site shows the ride as design. it runs 62 mi. per hour. the ride got stuck at the top and pos scary moments not for those in the ai
with yesterday's mass shooting. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and right now an emotional scene is taking place in aurora, colorado, where 12 people were killed yesterday and that is also where dozens more were injured. meantime the investigation into that killing has entered a new phase tonight. authorities in aurora, colorado said all major threats from the apartment. suspected shooter, james holmes, have been eliminated. >> a bomb squad diffused several explosives in the booby- trapped apartment. explosives expects tock out a tripwire that was set to trigger an explosion if someone opened a door. in the meantime, a memorial for the victims of the shooting grew today with people bringing flowers and candles to an area across the street from the movie theater. we now want to tell you about two sisters from the north bay who came frightening close when the bullets became to fly in that movie theater. >> reporter: some that the memorial in aurora, colorado had to physically hold each other up. one 17-year-old told us he lost two friends. >> just hearing that phone call, t
que supuestamente james holmes lanzo un tipo de gas e inmediatament e comenzo a disparar a los asistentes creando caos y panico... take half slab 1 ---el saldo hasta el momento es de 12 muertos y por lo menos 59 heridos entre ellos una bebe de tres meses... ---segun la policia, despues de cometer la atrocidad, el sospechoso se entrego sin ninguna resistencia a la policia... take half slab 2 ---al entregarse, las autoridades le decomisaron dos pistolas "glock" una escopeta, y un rifle de asalto ar-15... topvo ---tras ser arrestado, el sospechoso dijo que en su departamento tenia explosivos, y hasta esta tarde la policia no ha podido registrar su vivienda porque dicen que esta llena de trampas que podrian llevar a una poderosa y mortal explosion... ---el edificio, no muy lejos del lugar de la tragedia, tuvo que ser evacuado como medida precautoria... stop open roll cobertura especial open cu - anchor ---continuamos nuestra cobertura especial en equipo con jaime peluffo quien nos tendra el perfil del sospechoso, pero comenzamos con pilar nino quien nos tiene la reaccion de la gent
cinematografi co... james holmes de 24 aÑos sembro el terror entre los espectadores. .. ---como un personaje de pelicula.. el joven entro vestido de negro con una mascara de gas, chaleco antibala y guantes... entro por la puerta de emergencia se paro frente a la panatalla y lanzo una gas lacrimogeno.. sot 0:45 "cuando entro crei que era parte del show arrojo una lata verde de gas que exploto luego tomo una pistola y disparo al techo en ese memoento supimos que todo era real todos nos asustamos y comenzamos a gritar 0:56 ---el sujeto disparo contra todo lo que se movia... -- mas de 70 detectives y 200 efectivos policiales llegaron en minutos al lugar sot: 1:28 "we some gas mask for theater 9 we can get in it.. i need officers qe are blocked 1:34 -- las victimas fueron transportadas a 6 diferentes hospitales de aurora colorado .. algunas de estas fueron trasladadas a la clinica de aurora presentando heridas de balas y otros por la estampida que se formo al tratar de salir de la sala.. sot 0:24 "unas personas ya han recibido cirugia hoy en la manana y una persona todavia esta esperando y tal vez h
to the shooter. james holmes refusing to cooperate, using evidence bags as hand puppets. what was fueling his bizarre actions in the courtroom. >>> family fight. police called overnight to the jackson home. this photo showing janet jermaine jackson arguing. new details to where the king of pop's mom has really been all the time. >>> and -- the boss' shocking secrets revealed. bruce springsteen opening up. >>> and the whole gang and breaking as we come on the air, that major increase in security at the olympics. the military force is now going to top 18,000 overall. minimum wage guards who weren't adequately trained and the government is not taking any chances now, just three days before the opening ceremonies. >> that's right, opening ceremonies on friday. >>> also ahead, the latest on the punishment for penn state, slapped with major penalties in the wake of that abuse scandal. so much emotional reaction from all sides. and a lot of debate of whether this punishment was too harsh on the school and the students there now. >>> also this morning, we're going to welcome will ferrell, can't wait
disturbing look at james holmes in the courtroom yesterday. abc's dan harris was right there when it happened. and dan, what a bizarre scene. >> reporter: george, honestly, i've never seen anything like it. and if you thought his behavior inside the courtroom was bizarre, abc news is learning now information this morning about his demeanor ever since he was arrested that paints a picture that is even more strange. even before this bizarre spectacle of james holmes in court with that shock of orange higher and that face, looking alternately bug-eyed, bores, or blasted, even before this, police sources tell abc news that holmes has been acting in an extremely strange manner, ever since he was taken into custody. refusing to cooperate, acting as if he was unaffected by his arrest and even after officers put evidence bags over his hands to preserve the gunpowder residue, pretending they were hand puppets. the james holmes we're seeing now is a universe away from the clean-cut, up-and-coming neuroscientist he once was. >> you're currently being held. >> reporter: he remained utterly glazed even wh
-year-old james holmes. he was dressed in full body armor when he burst through an exit door during a midnight debut of "dark night rises" in aurora, colorado. he was arld with an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols. all of the weapons purchased legally. he also ordered more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition through the internet. the ammunition, also ordered legally. we have live team coverage tonight from the bay area to colorado. let's begin with nbc bay area. the connection to california. >> very strong connections to california. we've learn he grew up in salinas before moving to san diego. by all accounts he was smart, pursuing a ph.d.. recently he dropped out of school and now he is suspected of mass murder reportedly dressed up as joker as he shot dozens of people. >> nine george 2. >> reporter: nearly 24 hours after the real life nightmare began to play out, this face continues to haunt people across the nation. it is a face that is very familiar to people here in california. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, grew up in a middle class suburb of san diego. high school
from now, 12 killed, 58 injured. rebecca stevens has more from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: holmes won't be charged today prosecutors have three days to file the charges at least 71, one for each victim and probably more. 12 died and several others were hospitalized in critical condition when the gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater, showing the latest batman movie. holmes could face a competency evaluation. meanwhile, for the first time seeing and hearing the suspect james holmes in exclusive video obtained by abc news. it is holmes, just after his high school graduation making a presentation at science camp. >> super power and let 'em have more fun. >> reporter: the suspect is not cooperating with authorities and is in solitary. last night the people of aurora heard first from president obama who spent more than two hours with the victims and their families. >> the president: i confessed to them that words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations. >> reporter: then from leaders of their community. >> one day lord, we know that our city will march back into that
-old james holmes. he evacuated his apartment complex after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosives and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or days. >> reporter: as the investigation into the crime continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today, we will get back on our feet. we will move ahead. >> reporter: the president held a moment of silence and called for a day of prayer and reflection. >> it's -- the reminder that the -- life is very fragile. our time here, is limited and it's precious. >> reporter: holmes could be in court as early as monday. >> police are patrolling movie theaters around the bay area to help fears about violence. in jack london square, police are taking on a hands on approach. >> two weeks ago though not deadly, five were shot outside in jack london square. today's shooting has police concerned and she this very added more officers to beef up patrols. police on high alert after 12 people were kill
screening during the new batman movie. police believe 24-year-old james holmes calmly watched the movie along with everybody else, and then he got up and used his cell phone and went out to get his weapons and gear up with a bulletproof vest, a ballistic helmet, gas mask, tactile gloves and gear to cover his throat and legs. holmes went to the front of the theater and hurled two green canisters. >> i saw plumes of smoke. >> reporter: i spoke with emma who was in the theater. she stayed on scene for hours. she tells me she thought it had to be a prapg. >> he was such a nightmarish figure it couldn't have been real. >> then my worst nightmare happened. a guy in the corner had a semiautomatic weapon in his hand. you could see the explosions that were coming from the gun, the shotgun or whatever against the smoke background. >> one victim, a mother was hit in the leg. jay i remember thinking i am not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in here. >> it was chaos. >> he marched up and down the aisle using an arsonal, an assault gun and rifle and two blocks. he shot moment
are dead. there are at least 40 people in critical condition. a 24 year-old, james holmes is and police custody. sadly, this is the proximity thof columbine, tragedy. nine people are listed in critical condition. with reports of a three-month old is in sight of that theater. some of these victims ranged in age from just three months old. the screening of the batman movie, 'the dark knight rises'. the shooter is in custody they believe that he was the only person involved in this attack. a smoke dough ithe vicdevice. >> and one person said that my friend was shot. and i said, what? and we ran down to his house and and i am here. i am not going to go to work because it is irrelevant. i want to make sure that near my friend's side. it is irrelevant if i have to go to work. >> it is disgusting. and i am a firm believer and god and all i can do is pray. >> the search brought a handgun as they searched his a vehicle. this is ski police chief. this is the police chief. >> we have a least 10 victims in the theater. and we do know that people have died at area hospitals. >> we continue to follow
happened with the suspect 24- year-old james egan holmes. >> we are showing you here video from one of the people who lost their life in today's attack. this is actually a young woman, 24-year-old jessica ghawi. a sports blogger who survived a shooting rampage in a toronto shopping ball. overnight she was shot in the head and died there in the movie theater. her friends describe her at out going, smart, white. another woman who was -- white. another woman who was at the movie theater with a 4-month- old baby and 4-year-old daughter. >> i remember thinking i am not going to die in here. me and my kids are not going to die in here. i need to get out. i need to get out. all i can think if i stand up he is going to shoot. that is what he was doing. i was trying to think how to get my kids out of there. >> well, she and her children survived the attack. the baby there was treated for exposure to tear gas. >>> less than an hour ago we learned the gunman brought more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition and brought four gun nosto the theater. the police say he human -- guns to the theater. the
, 24-year-old james holmes, watched the film like everyone else until he got up and used his cell phone. then he slipped through an exit door to get an arsenal of weapons from his car. holmes went back inside to the front of the theater and hurled two green canisters. >> they started hissing and smoke everywhere, and then by the time i turned the corner they went off just pop, pop! and then shooting. >> then he shot up in the air and everybody started to panic at that point. >> the baby was in my arms at that time and then it was just chaos. >> at that moment i remember thinking i'm not going to die in here. me and my kids, we are not going to die in here. >> just minutes later police arrested holmes outside the theater near his car. officials won't say if the suspect talked about a motive. right now they are worried about his apartment. it is booby trapped. >> i see an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition, jars full of liquid. some things that look like mortor rounds. we have a lot of challenges to get in there safely. >> now police are hoping to get into that apartm
. the suspect, james holmes, is being held in solitary confinement in a local jail. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack for months. they have now cleared his apartment of booby traps by safely detonating the explosives and flammable liquids left behind. some of the survivors are beginning to return to the scene of the tragedy. we are there bring you their story. >> the community of aurora is banding together. this message of hope, love and sorrow is the latest show of hope for the 12 people who died and those injured in the movie theater shooting as suspected shooter james holmes sits in jail. some of the people who lived throughout horror returned to the scene. >> i haven't been able to sleep. all of it has been going through my head. >> lisa tells me she was fortunate enough to get out of the theater not long after the shooting began. >> i was like five feet away from him. he had a gas mask on and a bulletproof vest and gunshots on him and one on his waste and he took the one in his hand and it started going off. >> her step dad used t
no augend a. he was just shooting people. >> reporter: he was 24-year-old james holmes. officers searched his car and evacuated the apartment complex where he lives. after the suspect allegedly made comments about explosives. >> our investigation determines that his apartment is booby trapped with various explosive and chemical devices and trip wires. it may be resolved in hours or day. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, the community is rallying together. >> we have taken a blow today but we will get back on our feet. >> reporter: the president held a moment of silence and called for a day of prayer and reflection in memory of the victim. >> it's a reminder that life is very fragile. our time here is limited and it's precious. >> reporter: are holmes could be in court as early as monday. >> and more details on james holes. he has also lived as a boy just outside the bay area. he was going to the university of colorado medical school but was in the process of withdrawing. septemberors say he used four weapons including an ak-47 with an extra large drum that could carry more
holmes. they said he had been in the graduate program there in neuro sciences but he dropped out in june. we have learned he is originally from san diego. the mother is inside. his dad has left for colorado. a san diego police lieutenant anyone else to the family to the crime. >> our hearts go out to the friends and family of those involved. they are cooperating with the law enforcement and they did for your patience. >> this cellphone video shows one bloody victim amid the chaos. survivors were telling what they witnessed after he threw a gas canister inside the theater. they say he had at least four weapons. >> i saw with my friends and people i didn't know get shot. >> i was calling out. they say don't go over there. he is trying to everybody that trying to get out of main doors. >> i saw people that were shot and bleeding all over. i saw them bringing out a little kids. >> holmes acted alone. a threat persists. he said there were explosives at the apartment and that has turned out to be true. >> the pictures are pretty disturbing. it looks sophisticated how it's booby-trapped. >> the
h -- heather holmes. >> a ride on six flags' roller coaster turned into a 90 minute ordeal. this afternoon the riders became stuck on the new superman ride and an hour ago fire crews brought the last rider to safety. ktvu's patty lee is live where she talked with some of the witnesses. >> reporter: you can see the superman ride behind me, those guests were hanging 150 feet in two cars on top of this track for an hour and a half. you can see crews used a crane to hoist a cage up to the ride and an engineer freed the cars that ran back down the track. a spokeswoman said the ride got stuck after the first tower. they have been uprite the whole time -- up right the whole time. the ride was working this morning and this is the first roller coaster in a decade and there were crowds lined up to see it. >> waiting to go on this ride. one of the main reasons i came here. it shouldn't be stuck. it is better they weren't upside down. >> reporter: six flags president is coming out to speak with us. he will have details on what happened to stop the ride, how they found a way to fix the
down on drinking and driving under age on party buses. >>> james holmes was in court today. holmes is charged with one count of possession of explosives in addition to the murder charges. cameras were not allowed in court today but when holmes made his court appearance a week ago, his hair was died red. he was -- was dyed red. he looked dazed and confused. >>> a battle of two tech companies is beginning today. apple and samsung are locked in a multi-million dollar dispute. kara has more. >> reporter: right now jury selection isunderway here in san jose. this jury pool is from the silicon valley. the judge has been asking folks whether they personally have had business folks the, the long loin in the -- front of the federal courthouse gives you and idea. we saw part of the apple team going in. dozens of journalists from all over. >> this is a clear decision one way or the other. it will have a tremendous impact on the industry. it could free up many design elements or bod -- for broader use. it could also -- the decision went apple's way and could restrict the -- certain ideas. >> r
theater massacre. there is james holmes there. he makes his first court appearance today. investigators are focused on one question. how did he go from a ph.d. candidate to masterminding one of the worst shootings in u.s. hi history? >>> we have so many stories of heroism emerging from that terrible night. including those who did whatever they could to protect their loved ones. we are remember those 12 victims this morning. people in aurora mourning them in an emotional vigil last night. you see the 12 crosses already set up. from across the movie theater. i was touched last night, after each victim's name was read, everyone said, we will remember. >> we will remember. >> and we will. >> you saw the crosses there. greg zanis, the man who set them up after the columbine massacre, drove 16 hours to set them up there from illinois. we're going to go to david muir. on is scene since friday. he's outside the courthouse where james holmes is expected to make his first appearance today. good morning, david. >> reporter: they're expecting to see the suspect's face for first time today. we're to
massacre inside of that colorado movie theater. james holmes made his first court appearance since the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead, and 58 others wounded. holmes had the hair dyed bright red and orange and you can see he appeared somewhat emotionless and somber as he sat next to his attorney in the courtroom. what we know is for mall charges are going to be filed against holmes monday. the judge assigned a public defender for the case, and sometime today holmes' family is expect t expected to say something and issue a statement. i want to go to casey wian who is in san diego, and you are at the home, i believe, of the suspect's family and that they are going to be talking later today. what have they said so far? >> well, actually, suzanne, where i am is outside of the office of the criminal defense attorney named lisa dam ymiani o is represent iing the holmes' family and she says she will come out in three hours and read a prepared statement from the holmes' family and take some lim limited questions from the news media. she said that she has been in touch with mr. ho
and prosecutors say that james holmes could face the death penalty. he's accused of booby-trapping his apartment where investigators seized a batman poster and a map connected to the movie. 12 moviegoers died and 5 were wounded in the shooting. >>> at a vigil honoring victims, colorado's governor diminished the triggerman. >> and i refuse to say his name. [ cheers ] >> governor john licken looper and other -- hickenlooper and others spoke in colorado yesterday. he explained that he and the nation feel their pain. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> and president obama consoled the brother of jessica ghawi killed in the shooting. he also met with those wounded and are recovering. >>> coming up at 7:15, why some republicans say gun control is not the answer. we will also have continuing coverage throughout the morning and we have additional photos on the tab at >>> president obama is here in the bay area this morning, a day earlier than scheduled after his visit to colorado. this is a live picture. there is air force o
. in less than two hours the shooting suspect james holmes could be in court his appearance set for 7:30. holmes has not been speaking to authorities following the shootings that left 12 dead and 58 injured. holmes is being neddle solitary confinement -- is being held in solitary confinement. it is possible his attorney could show up loan for the proceeding. holmes won't be charged today. prosecutors have three days to file charges there will be at least 70 within for each victim probably more. police say holmes began buying guns two months ago. >>> abc news has obtained video of the suspect recorded six years ago when he was speaking at a science camp. >> came here tonight have a super power and let 'em have more fun. >> abc news took the tape to a psychologist to get a professional opinion on what this video reveals. >> he's a very bright person, very articulate, organized in his thoughts, very smart. >> he also said evidence indicates holmes didn't just snap, careful planning and execution of his crime shows proactive attack behavior or premeditation. >>> film studios are not repor
it was serious. >> reporter: it is possible that there are explosives at holmes' home that's what he told police. authorities went there immediately, evacuated the apartment complex and now searching and investigating that site. president obama has said committed to bringing whoever was responsible to justice and ensuring the safety of our people and caring for hose who have been wounded. -- for those who have been wounded. investigators believe that holmes does not have ties to domestic or international terrorism. however, we are learn paris premiere of the new bat money movie has been cancelled. -- the new batman movie has been cancelled. >>> stay with us all morning long about the colorado shooting. the president will address the issue 8:20 this morning we will break into programming to bring that to you. >>> in other news, you see low clouds but we are going to warm up. >>> absolutely, sunshine faster than we saw yesterday warmer weather on the way today and the weekend, good morning. doppler is dry this morning. heading around the bay today drier conditions at 7:00, mid to upper 50s by noon
in aurora, colorado. right now it stands at 12 killed, 58 injured. the suspect, james holmes, is being held in solitary confinement in a local jail. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack for months. they now safely got in his apartment. we have a reporter in aurora bringing us their story. >> the community of aurora is banding together. this message ever messages of hope, love and sorrow is the latest show of hope for the 12 people who died and those injured in the movie theater shooting as suspected shooter james holmes sits in jail. some of the people who lived throughout horror returned to the scene. >> i haven't been able to sleep. all of it has been going through my head. >> lisa tells me she was fortunate enough to get out of the theater not long after the theater began. >> he had a mask on and a bulletproof vest and a gun belt on him and one on his waste and took the one in his hand and started going off. >> her step dad used to live in cupertino so she had family in the area. they know century 16 is where she usually goes for bi
at this point. . >>reporter: james holmes has been planning this for months. . this individual,>> 12 people died and nearly 60 were hurt from this fire tear meat midnight showin shooting. . president obama paid a visit. >> a confessed to them that words are always an adequate for these types of situation. my main task was to serve as a representative for the entire country and let them know the we are thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day. >> james holmes is aexpected to appear in court. he has been planning this rampage for months, it is believed. no motive. he will be in court at 8:3 he0 this new video of the president as he visited the survivors in a hospital. stephanie dvd = davies.. president obama found out that the one girl helped save her friend's life. she was shot in the neck. her friend rushed to save her. could lead stories like this will bring the community together. >> law enforcement officials are saying that the largest mass shooting in u.s. history might have been much worse. if that the gun not jammedd cjames holmes is ex
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> >> a dazed-looking james holmes made his first court appearance this morning he showed no emotions, relatives took a close look at the young man. good morning i'm kristen sze. cheryl jennings is off. rebecca he has the latest from colorado now. -- >> reporter: shooting suspect james holmes sat quietly in a colorado courtroom today, appearing dazed. >> you have a right to a jury trial. >> reporter: unshaven and with his hair dyed sat silently. the prosecutor said she's considering the death penalty. >> victims will be impacted by that decision so they will want to have and we will want their input. >> reporter: the 20 -- the 24-year-old is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 after firing a hail of bullets during the midnight premiere of a batman sequel. investigators combing through his apartment tell abc news they found a computer and move evidence of a batman obsession including a poster and mask. they described the space as a bomb factory and death trap. >> this apartment was designed to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: p
their client's right to a fair trial. james holmes now knows with what he's facing after being formally charged today. 142 counts in all. including 24 counts of murder. two for each of the 12 victims shot to death in the colorado theater. 116 counts of attempted murder, doubling the number injured. one charge of possessing explosives and within sentence -- unlike his first court appearance this month where holmes was silent, observers say this time at one point he spoke with his attorney and looked directly at the judge when the possibility of the death penalty was mentioned. >> if he gets convicted of one count of first degree mur the punishment will be either death penalty or life without parole. >> reporter: this case is raising questions about doctor-patient confidential tip. the judge today ordered a notebook holmes sent to his psychiatrist be turned over to the defense. next month there will be a hearing about that evidence. meantime, families of the victims continue to grieve. this weekend ashley who was shot several times during the massacre suffered a miscarriage. she had already lost
massacre will not face a new homicide charge one of the victims had a miscarriage. james holmes accused of killing 12 people and wounding others including ashley mozer who was pregnant. her six year-old daughter was killed. homicide charges only apply to those who are " born alive " most were shot in the neck and abdomen james holmes back in court tomorrow but cameras not allowed, along with redding formal charges the judge will rule on potential new evidence and a gag order. >>> this weekend filled with funeral and memorial services for the victims of the colorado movie shooting. james holmes expected to be formally charged monday friends and families are still trying to come to grips. >>> in a moment of crisis no time to think about what you're going to do >>> mccord document disclosed holmes was a patient of a psychiatrist for the attack the information was contained in their request from the suspect that authorities hand over a package sent to the doctor on grounds protected communication. the package was seized during a search last week a former prosecutor agrees with that position
the gunman. 24-year-old james holmes was a science student at the university of colorado's medical school. he was in the process of dropping out when this happened. they describe him as a loaner. they believe he planned and carried out the mass shooting on his own. >> there is a shooting in the auditorium. >> at least one person is shot. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. >> reporter: people were 30 minutes into watching the batman premiere when the gunman burst in. and detonated smoke canisters and then he started shooting. >> he came down with the gun in my face. 3 feet away from me at this point. i didn't know what to do. i was terrified. i jumped forward into the aisle and buried myself in there and hide myself. he was shooting people behind me and the casings were on me. >> there was a eresidents eery pause. >> he was going up the stairs and reloading. we kind of crawls down the stairs and ran out. ran out the theater. > >> and in the parking lot of the theater, he had an assault rifle and three guns with him. he was dressed in tactical gear. >> he was wearing a
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